Santa Sangre, (new version) 2015

Moritzkirche, Augsburg, Germany


Santa Sangre is an installation, which focus on the circulation of blood and the way energy travels through the sublimated abstraction of the church, building a river which details the structures behind vital flows.

The installation Santa Sangre is a mass of velvety appendages arranged in a Baroque way. The extensions slide down like a river of blood, conveying to the viewer the idea of martyrdom, as if they were Solomic colums, highlighting the sumptuousness of the rite and decorum of a carnal landscape.

The concept of arteries and blood flow changes as we move around the installation, establishing a dialogue between the work and the architectural context in an almost liturgical way. Elizabeth Aro assembles arterial channels in order to reach the depths of the human being.

Her work is linked to the visceral, and takes us to a place where art and life are created.





    Photo Felix Weinold