Personal show VINCERA LA BELLEZZA, 2022

Fantastik Lab - VALENCIA

VINCERA LA BELLEZZA, BEAUTY WILL CONQUER. Elizabeth Aro's solo exhibition/installation presents works in precious fabric, such as the velvet installed on one of the walls of the venue. The exhibition is enriched by her new series of gouaches on paper starts in the prestigious residence Citè Internationale Des Arts.The exhibition emphasis the colour red as a common thread amonf works that refer more closely to elements of nature. The paper used is often folded and crumpled as a metaphor for detaching the value of mistakes at the moment of creation. The intensity of red varies dependting on the angle of observation and it appears in its different nuances. We also find 2 artist's books that are delicately painted with burgundy gouache and represent the beginning of this new series. The name of the exhibition is borrowed from a phrase by Tonino Guerra, poet, writer and screenwriter of Michelangelo Antonioni. The artist share his view on the importance of reflecting on the relationship between man and nature.


    Text in Arte Morbida - Thanks Barbara Pavan    



    Photo Felix Weinold