ULIVO, 2016


curator: Alberto Mattia Martin

Nuova Galleria Morone, Milano



The theme of the tree explicity returns in the exhibition - project installation by Elizabeth Aro in which a collection of fabrics - elaborated and sewn - create a large tree that "imbues" its imposing identity amidst the walls of the agllerys. The tree embodies an ancient symbology of life, spirit in which the cycle of life take place as the element of union between the underworld, where its sinks its roots, and the celestial world where the branches spread themselves. In order to produce her works the Argentinian artist often uses fabrics/materials, damasks and threads - all materials selected with care. The elements with which Aro decides to creat her works are very important - I would even say fundamental. This is due to the quality of the materials used as well as to where they come from: in this respect they embody a unique history/story of their own that tell us about a precise identity but one that hasn't been subjected to experiences capable of compromising their vital integrity and ethical qualities... Alberto Mattia Martin