O SILENZIO, 2010|2021


curated by BARBARA PAVAN

Ex Ateneo, Bergamo


It is a eulogy of silence the work of Elizabeth Aro. We live in an age that knos no silence, a civilization and now not only Western civilization- That abhors emptiness ande therefore also the absence of noise. Yet silence far from being just a missed sound is the cipher of inner depth. The artist emphasizes that in music it is an essential element to enjoy listening to it and that refraining from speaking at the right moment can take on greater value and weight than any speech and, again, that in it is the prerequisite of the spiritual dimension, of all meditation and reflection. We are so immersed in a multitude of sounds that we doubt that absolute silence can exist. John Cage experienced that in a perfectly soundproof room he could hear the beating of his heart and the blood flowing through his veins along with his nervous system. Starting from these premises, Aro conducted her research through the intensity of silence finding enclosed in it a kind of "score" of thoughts, feelings, emotions that led her to a poetic harmony in which visions and suggestions gradually gained their own natural order, becoming increasingly clear, evident, defined. A process that takes shape in a suspended condition, a kind of heterotopia where everything happens and is organized according to its own autonomus rhythm. Here the concert of our inner silence is born and develops - paradoxically.

Barbara Pavan