EL MUNDO, 2004

Show: The Others
text: Rosa Olivares



....One present a depleted world, warm yet whose continents and countries begin falling towards the south, piling up and losing the established order. Our world is a great ball of felt, our home that wants to be cozy down the last minute, but where it is increasingly clear that we do not all fit. Just as the countires fall towards thesouth pole of the plantet, their citizens move endlessly from one country to another, one climate to another, from one culture to another, one landscape to another. However, it is an installation where the light is warm and receives us openly; it is a world we can't help but feel curious about. In this first room, the artist's sculptural approaches are in line with her previous works, once again using warm, soft materials and the idea of constructing a concrete enviroment. A round sculpture measuring approximately 3 meters is suspended from the ceiling, the only piece in the room, making us face a fact that is not merely a plastic opinion: Earth, our home, is falling apart, the elements that can protect us-" the skin of the Earth"- is opening up, and we see how everythings shifts to another place, how it transforms and splits. The central concepts is certainly symbolic: our world is falling before our eyes, and even though we see it happening, it does not seem to have any tragic effect on us... Rosa Olivares