EL MUNDO, 2004

curator: Alexandra Gracco per PRESENTECONTINUO

FESTIVAL ATTRAVERSAMENTI, Ex Fabbrica del Tabbaco, Ostuni, Italy



In this show, the artist's sculptural approaches are in line with her previous works,once again using warm, soft materials ande the idea of constructing a concrete enviroment. The location is an ex-manufactures of tobacco, where this installation finds and special emphatic with the metaphor of the piece.Around sculpture measuring approximately 3 meters is suspended from the ceiling, the only piece in the space, making us face a fact that is not merely a plastic opinion: Earth, our home, is falling apart, the elements that can protect us "the skin of the Earth"- is opening up, and we see how everything shifts to another place, how it transforms and splits. The central concepts is certainly symbolic: our world is falling before our eyes, and even though we see it happening, it does not seem to have any tragic effect on us...