La musica segreta delle piante, 2019


curator: Domenico Maria Papa

Casa Martini, Pessione-Chieri



For the Fifth edition of Art Site Fest, Elizabeth Aro proposes a site specific installation, The secret music of plants, seven velvet compositions on lecterns associated with ancients presses that made the history of Martini. According to the most recent studies, the plant world communicates within itself through a musical language, messages like notes, run trought the fibers of different species, composing a harmony that can be grasped in the beauty of a forest. This installation evokes the effect of the echo and the vibrations produced by plants, creating an exceptional dreamlike atmosphere.The res color remains the protagonist isn the artist's works: the velvet used to recreate the plants accompanies us during a journey towarsa obsessive but at the same time fascinanting rhythmes, everything accompanied by the musical performance of Lamberto Curtoni.The installation of Elizabeth Aro was carried out thanks to the support of Redaelli Velluti.