La Napoule Art Foundation

Chateau de La Napoule Mandelieu, France



Dreaming in red is an installation by Elizabeth Aro, an Argentinean artis based in Milan. Invited to work directly in Henry Clews' studio, Elizabeth chose to echo the Clews collection and the unique space of his sudio through her resulting oiece. She created a tree, made of deepred velvet:at once a symbol of passion and feminity, and a symbol of life that takes root among bronzes and plasters. Branches stretched towards the natural light, escape from the cage, their brillant color contrasting with the subdued atmosphere of the studio in its shades of white, grey and black. elizabeth is part of the traditionally femenine heritage of textile and sewing work. This practice, which she subverts, allos her to create monumental pieces with grace and lightness. Elizabeth has appropriated Henry Clews'universe; the branches of the tree evoke the tentacles of his fantastic creatures, and the leaves the plant motifs of his sculptures. We discover in the foliage the motto of Marie and Henry: Mirth, Myth and Mystery